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Atheist and Agnostic Pro-Life League

A nontheistic and nonreligious opposition to the life-denying horror of abortion

"... because life is all there is and all that matters, and
abortion destroys the life of an innocent human being."

This site was last modified on 1 January 2007.

I'm James Matthew (Matt) Wallace, aka The Compleat Heretic. I'm both a Secular Humanist atheist and a pro-life advocate. All too often, I fear that I'm the only nonreligious person who opposes the genocide of abortion used as a birth control substitute. Accordingly, I have created this web site as a virtual rallying point and clearinghouse for all atheists, agnostics, and other "godless" people who call themselves "pro-life."

Though I am a Republican and a conservative (both social and economic), I intend for this site to be nonpartisan and nondiscriminatory. AAPL is for all nontheists regardless of political affiliation, political alignment, age, gender, race, ethnicity, nationality, sexual orientation, etc.; the more diversity, all the better. Even so, there are three requirements (explained in further detail on the Membership Form page) for AAPL membership; one must:

1) be an avowed atheist, agnostic, or other nontheist
2) oppose abortion and desire its abolition (with or without exceptions)
3) support nonviolence as the sole legitimate means of achieving the goals of the
pro-life movement
All I have at present is this modest web site. In future, I intend to expand it further. To this end, I welcome input from other nontheistic pro-lifers (or any of our guests for that matter) as to the features they would like to see. Please feel free to direct suggestions, comments, and queries to me.

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