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Pro-life and Anti-abortion Connections

This page was last modified on 23 June 2002.

Please note: The links on this page are to groups and individuals who in someway adhere to the pro-life/anti-abortion position and appear on this page solely for this reason.
Apart from this, any additional opinions expressed in these sites reflect only the views held by those listed and do not necessarily conform with the other listees or this site's affiliates.
Given the diversity of this listing of nontraditional or, if you will, non-"stereotypical" pro-lifers, any additional agreement would be amazing indeed!


Anarchists for Life
"When mothers are allowed to be tyrants, each child is a revolution."
Feminists for Life Feminists for Life
"Established in 1972, Feminists for Life is a non-sectarian, grass-roots organization that seeks true equality for all human beings, particularly women. We oppose all forms of violence, including abortion, euthanasia and capital punishment, as they are inconsistent with the core feminist principles of justice, non-violence and non-discrimination. Our efforts focus on education, outreach and advocacy, as well as facilitating practical resources and support for women in need."
Leftout: A Haven for Progressive Pro-Lifers Leftout: A Haven for Progressive Pro-Lifers
Leftout is a web site for the left-leaning, progressive pro-lifers who tend to feel "left out" of both liberal and pro-life groups. If you're a pro-life liberal, you'll readily find support here. If you're a pro-life conservative, a pro-choice liberal (or pro-choice period!), or simply undecided, at least you'll learn about a point of view you never may have heard before and discover that liberalism is not at all incompatible with a pro-life position.
Libertarians for Life Libertarians for Life
Libertarians for Life, founded in 1976, demonstrate that abortion is a wrong under justice, and not a right, thus a violation of Libertarianism's basic principle: that each of us has the obligation not to aggress against (violate the rights of) anyone else for any reason -- personal, social, or political -- however worthy. They make the pro-life case through a wealth of articles which argue from a libertarian political perspective and use reasoning that is scientific and philosophical rather than pragmatic or religious.
National Coalition for Life and Peace National Coalition for Life and Peace
"The National Coalition for Life and Peace is a coalition of pro-life organizations and individuals who oppose abortion-related violence."
Pro-Choice Bigots
"Pro-Choice Bigots" is an essay by a former "pro-choicer" who describes himself as a "Jewish, atheist, civil libertarian, left-wing pro-lifer." Nat Hentoff, whom you should recognize as one of America's leading defenders of the freedom of expression, exposes the narrow-minded hypocrisy and bigotry of the left with regards to the abortion issue and pro-life activists. Though I disagree with much of his leftist politics, I readily salute his efforts in preserving our civil liberties and embrace him as a fellow pro-life atheist. This essay originally appeared in The New Republic in November 1992.
Pro-Life Alliance of Gays and Lesbians Pro-Life Alliance of Gays and Lesbians
The motivating principle of the Pro-Life Alliance of Gays and Lesbians is "human rights start when human life begins!" PLAGAL "strives to promote a respect for life within the gay community and encourage gay and lesbian participation in the pro-life cause" and is "committed to raising awareness of the pro-life ethic as consistent with the gay and lesbian struggle for human rights."
Pro-Lifers Against Clinic Violence Pro-Lifers Against Clinic Violence
The Pro-Lifers Against Clinic Violence ribbon campaign has been established in response to the growing misconception that all pro-lifers advocate violence against abortion providers. By the very nature of their acts, anti-abortion terrorists draw the most media attention which gives the false impression that they are representative of all pro-lifers. The reality is that abortuary bombings/arsons and abortionist shootings are the criminal acts of extremists whose tactics and views are the absolute negation of the work and goals of the mainstream pro-life movement. Hopefully, this effort will help people realize the true nature of pro-life activists.
Pro-woman, Pro-life - Stop Abortion Pro-woman, Pro-life - Stop Abortion
My online friend Carolyn Gargaro's pro-life/anti-abortion page contains her thoughts as a pro-life feminist. In addition to her own writings, she provides an extensive listing of links to other pro-life/anti-abortion Internet resources.
Rightgrrl! Rightgrrl!
Rightgrrl is a meeting ground for young women who share a few common ideas -- namely pro-life and conservative political thinking like free-market economics -- but who otherwise smash the "feminist" icon of the '90s woman. A Rightgrrl might be Republican or Independent; Black, White, or any race; Christian, Atheist, or any religion. The "pro-choice" political left has graciously stereotyped pro-life conservative women as bun-haired, lace-collared, humorless, boring prudes. Well all you bigoted, narrow-minded "pro-choice" liberals get ready for a dose of reality!
The Ultimate Pro-Life Resource List
"The most comprehensive listing of right to life resources on the Internet" is what the name suggests.
Writers Against Violence Writers Against Violence
"Writers against violence is dedicated to the promotion of non-violent opposition to abortion, and to the education and awareness that violence is violence, and cannot be condoned by either side. To be Pro-Life means just that... to be in favor of defending of all life. We cannot and will not advocate any violent means to end abortion, and encourage others to recognize the same."

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