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Atheist and Agnostic Pro-Life League
Member Web Sites

This page was last modified on 31 July 2005.

Notice: All listings on this page are simply the personal (or other) web sites of AAPL members. Aside from some form of nontheistic thought and pro-life/anti-abortion view, any opinions are solely the owner's and do not necessarily reflect the views of AAPL or its affiliates.

Steve Armsax's ROLLIN' LOW   Steve Armsax's site is devoted to customized "lowered" trucks and cars.

Temy R. Beal's The Learning Place

Emily Chilton's Me Me Me   Emily's personal page; as if you didn't realize that from the title.

Sarah Wood Collins's Consistent Life Ethic Alliance

Simon Crosby's The Scapegoat Society and The usefulWEB Site

Doris Gordon's Libertarians for Life   Doris Gordon is the founder of Libertarians for Life.

Anna Hojnacki's Polish Wit and Wisdom   Anna Hojnacki's personal site is "a compendium of madness" "for the discriminating technophile."

Jamil R.E. Mansoor's Jamil's Page

Rohit Parikh   Rohit Parikh's academic web site.

Debbie Rivera's meretricious   Debbie Rivera's personal web site.

Jen Roth's Leftout   Jen Roth is founder/webmistress of Leftout, an online organization for left-leaning, progressive pro-lifers who tend to feel "left out" of both liberal and pro-life groups.

Geoff Rout's A History of Flight, Airlines and Airmails

Blair Scott's Atheism Awareness and The Mobile Atheists   Blair Scott is the founder/webmaster of The Mobile Atheists (formerly known as Mobile Area Freethought Association).

Colleen Thomas's Colleen

Jim Trageser's Beachside Cabana   Jim Trageser describes his site as "my ongoing (and generally failed) experiment in Web design" which is "basically a souped-up version of my bookmarks file, plus a growing repository of my writing."

Matt Wallace's The Compleat Heretic   Matt Wallace, AAPL founder/webmaster, describes his extensive site as "the personal web site of an economic and social conservative, Republican, Teamsters union member, moral traditionalist, pro-life, U.S. Army veteran, NRA Benefactor Life Member, Secular Humanist atheist"; the site includes a collection of his writings, a woefully incomplete autobiography, and the other obligatory personal web site features.

Chris Welsh's Anarchists for Life   "When mothers are allowed to be tyrants, each child is a revolution."

Ben Weiser's Punktopia Radio   "24/7 Hardcore, Punk, Ska, Emo from Las Vegas, NV."

Charles Wood, Jr.'s Woody's Nexus

Fran Wuelfing's Fran's Lair   Fran Wuelfing's personal web site.

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