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Atheist and Agnostic Pro-Life League's Guestbook
Archive: Volume 3 (28 May 1999 - 3 Oct 1999)

This page was last modified on 30 April 2002.

NOTE WELL: The entries in this guestbook reflect only the views of the individual signatories. As we welcome any comments our visitors may wish to offer, we must insist that you refrain from any activity that could be considered harassment of our guests. That being said, we encourage you to make your own entry.

Rhianwen - 10/03/99 22:44:56
My Email: rhianwenj@yahoo.com
Location (City, State, etc.): Australia
How did you find us?: friend told me
Do you like our site?: very much
Will you visit again?: yes
Will you recommend site to others?: yes
Do you think we're evil?: Evil? Why on earth would I think that?

Jolly good to see another prolife conservative secular humanist of the atheist variety out there! I thought I was the only one!

Kevin Given - 10/02/99 07:14:59
My URL: http://www.suresite.com/fl/g/givenpage
My Email: kgiven@oasistech.net
Location (City, State, etc.): Tampa, Florida
How did you find us?: Pro-life links
Do you like our site?: Yes
Will you visit again?: I'm back and I'll continue to return
Will you recommend site to others?: yes
Do you think we're evil?: Not knowing you personally, I can not answer that

Just wanted to share my new web page with your viewers it's: http://www.suresite.com/fl/g/givenpage

Kevin Given - 09/23/99 04:04:54
My Email: kgiven@oasistech.net
Location (City, State, etc.): Tampa
How did you find us?: Florida
Do you like our site?: just fine
Will you visit again?: yes
Will you recommend site to others?: yes
Do you think we're evil?: same answer as before

In my previous communication I gave the incorrect E-mail address (I gave kgiven@oasis.com, it should read, .net) If you would like to contact me personally please use the corrected E-mail address kgiven@oasistech.net. Thank you.
P.S. please let me know if you will join me on my letter writing campaign to have Gianna share her story at the next Republican National Convention, thank you Kevin

bcSunup(Barbara) - 09/20/99 02:19:41
My URL: http://www.fortunecity.com/greenfield/healing/357/youlose.html
My Email: bcSunup@fcmail.com
Location (City, State, etc.): Yellville, Arkansas
How did you find us?: web rings
Do you like our site?: I definitely do
Will you visit again?: I sure will
Will you recommend site to others?: I just did
Do you think we're evil?: definitely not

The greatest page I've seen in a long time. I have a son with the exact same thoughts and sent him to your pages. I wrote on abortion (against) in a local newspaper one time. I haven't seen anything that I can't explain away without a god. Gives me no reason to believe in one. I can't see how so many people could be so naive. I think it is another government scam to keep everyone under there control. Barbara

Kevin Given - 09/18/99 01:03:59
My URL: http://www.kgiven@oasistech.com
My Email: kgiven@oasistech.com
Location (City, State, etc.): Tampa, Florida
How did you find us?: pro-life links
Do you like our site?: ups and downs
Will you visit again?: definatly!
Will you recommend site to others?: most likely
Do you think we're evil?: not knowing you personally, I can't really say, can I?

I happen to believe in God myself, so some of your comments, of course, do offend me, please do not think me evil for believing in God, I would not think of you as being evil simply for not believing in God, (If you are evil, it would be for other reasons hence, my answer to your last question). I know people who claim to believe in God that I would call evil. (several child molesting ministers come to mind) and many of my athiest/agnostic friends are actually very nice people who have never hurt another soul in their entire lives! It is my hope that you would fall into that catagory (though my friends would never speak disrespectfully about my beliefs, the way that some of your comments do)! However, the reason I'm communicating with you this day has to do with the abortion issue not theology (maybe next time, for now, I would like to recommend C.S. Lewis "Mere Christianity" to some of your more open minded readers, I would like to debate the issue with you at some future date, but not now).
For now, I am glad that I have found another that I can hope to call a pro-life friend, one who believes it immoral to destroy a human being at the beginning stages of life. And I have a mission for everyone that would agree with me. As you know, the Republican party calls itself the "pro-life" party but, for the most part the presidential candidates of the last couple of presidential elections have been only moderatly pro-life at best, Therefore, I have been on a letter writing campaign for the last few years to try and get abortion survivor Gianna Jessen to share her story at the next Republican National Convention.
To those not familiar with Gianna Jessen, she was aborted in the late '70's but survived the procedure (it was a saline abortion). Her story is available at Christian bookstores around the country, if the thought of just going into a christian bookstore makes you uncomfortable, you can order through "Focus on the Family Publishing, Colorado Springs, Colorado. I've also seen it on the internet. For the record, Gianna is a christian (Do you think she's evil?) however, the book is not about conversion and it's not a "preaching" book, it merely documents her survival at an abortuary. To those who argue about "choice" I simply ask "What choice did she have?".
For those who are still with me. I would like you to join me in writing to the Republican National Convention and to your Republican elected officials asking them to give about 10 minutes of the convention spotlight to this young lady. I have had the priveledge of interviewing her for my local hometown radio station and she is definatly an energetic, motivational speaker. her presance at the convention would accomplish three things (I believe).
First, it would help to motivate the republicans to actually do something about abortion. Second, it would bring about Public awareness about her situation and others like her (she was the subject of an ad by the Arthur DeMoss foundation that aired nationaly a few years ago) Third, it would bring a pro-life message that would convince the masses (not everyone, of course, but many) who are undecided that abortion is wrong! (Even First lady Hilary Clinton made that statement) and of course 'nobody has the right to do what is wrong' (Abraham Lincoln) Oh a fourth one, while I'm thinking about it, it could help to unite the party on this issue! (although, I might be a bit optomistic on that score!)
So, even if many of you do not agree with my christianity, If you want to help me to do something to help stop abortion, please write to your local congressmen and women, ask them (politely, or they won't listen) to allow Gianna to share her story at the next RNC! The more letters and E-Mail they recieve the harder it will be for them to ignore us! (I also have a 'choice' letter for the democrats too, but I'll communicate that one at a later date)
Sincerly Pro-life, Kevin

Fr. S - 09/07/99 06:09:46
How did you find us?: Surfing
Do you like our site?: Yes
Will you visit again?: Yes
Will you recommend site to others?: Yes
Do you think we're evil?: No

I am a priest, which most likely means I'm a believer. I am also pro-life and welcome you totally and completely. The reason why the right-to-life movement is struggling and going practically nowhere is because it suffers from fraction and division, with one camp fighting against another over "purity" usually based on issues that have nothing to do with protecting the fundamental human right to life. The pro-abortionists succeed because they work together despite huge differences on other opinions, for example economically conservative Republicans like Christine Whitman of NJ standing shoulder-to-shoulder with the likes of Ted Kennedy on this issue. Pro-lifers can't seem to do that and so they lose, and women and unborn children pay the price. Shame on the lot of them! I'm one Christian-believing pro-lifer who hugs you and all other "non-traditional" pro-life activists. All (save the David Duke characters) should be welcomed and wanted, and not socially aborted by folks burdened with other agendas.

Janine - 09/07/99 05:50:46
My Email: j_ferrier@hotmail.com
Location (City, State, etc.): Australia
Do you like our site?: Very much
Will you visit again?: Yes
Will you recommend site to others?: Yes
Do you think we're evil?: Of course not!

Jolly good stuff! Wonderful to see another prolife conservative secular humanist atheist out there!!

Chris Welsh - 08/27/99 21:43:12
My URL: http://www.mindspring.com/~anarchsforlife/main.htm
My Email: anarchsforlife@mindspring.com
Location (City, State, etc.): Mesa, Az
How did you find us?: Email
Do you like our site?: Kinks
Will you visit again?: Certainly
Will you recommend site to others?: I do it is linked off my page
Do you think we're evil?: no

Well I'm glad you got your own domain, will you be putting up new resources as well. I've always enjoyed your site and will follow it through its new version. :)

Webmaster's Response:
AAPL has 30 MB allocated on its host's server. I would love to fill it and have to pay for more space! As always suggestions and assistance are always welcome from AAPL members and friends.
--Matt Wallace, Founder/Webmaster

Pat Goltz - 08/20/99 02:31:57
My Email: pgoltz@nexiliscom.com
How did you find us?: several different ways
Do you like our site?: so far
Will you visit again?: yes
Will you recommend site to others?: yes
Do you think we're evil?: Don't even put ideas in people's heads!

Hi. Did you know Libertarians for Life was founded by an atheist?

Webmaster's Response:
Yes. Doris Gordon. I'm still waiting for her to join AAPL.
--Matt Wallace, Founder/Webmaster

Joseph - 08/19/99 02:02:05
My URL: http://welcome.to/thefrontier
My Email: penmaster9@aol.com
Location (City, State, etc.): Over Here
How did you find us?: A Friend Told Me
Do you like our site?: Very much
Will you visit again?: Yes, now since the updates are becoming more frequent :o)
Will you recommend site to others?: Definitely
Do you think we're evil?: No. To put it in Dr. Evil's words, you're only quasi-evil. Not evil enough. Heh heh, j/k! :o)

You've heard this before, but this is an excellent site. I applaud the information you are spreading. Being pro-life is not simply a religious issue! Coming to this site is really helping me now, as I am showing an atheist friend of mine that you CAN be atheist and pro-life. Like someone here said, taking the pro-life side of the abortion debate outside religion adds quite a bit of legitimacy to what we have to say. In fact, there is an amazing amount of scientific evidence to support our claims about life starting at conception. But we backtrack ourselves when we bring religion into the argument. Not that I'm saying that a little bit of faith is necessarily bad. But in order to communicate with the masses, we have to remain secular so people can see FACTS instead of BELIEFS. Additionally, I hope that you--as well as your visitors--will consider Steve Forbes for 2000. To quote: "Steve believes that people of all faiths -- or of no faith -- should be treated respectfully and fairly in the public square, schools, sports, the entertainment industry, and in government." For more information on this amazing pro-life yet seemingly non-traditional candidate, visit http://www.forbes2000.com . Please also hop by my personal web site for movie reviews, journal entries, and of course, pro-life information. And above all else, keep the updates coming! :o)

Ashley - 08/13/99 08:59:41
My URL: http://surf.to/AshleyG
My Email: SnoTire@aol.com
Location (City, State, etc.): WV
How did you find us?: Lycos, I think...
Do you like our site?: Of course :
Will you visit again?: I'll try
Will you recommend site to others?: My atheist/agnostic/pro-life friends, lol
Do you think we're evil?: Nope!

Great site! But I think you should make some kind of button or something for your members to put on their webpages or something. That would be real cool...

Dan Fessenden - 07/21/99 18:49:59
My URL: http://HumanLifeAmendment.TheUS.com
My Email: HumanLifeAmendment@TheUS.com
Location (City, State, etc.): Mansfield, Georgia
How did you find us?: Surfing
Do you like our site?: Yes
Will you visit again?: Yes, Please visit mine.
Will you recommend site to others?: Sure
Do you think we're evil?: No. Do You?

In order for the pro-life movement to succeed it must have diversity. A majority of Americans must reject the perverse notion that the child in the womb is less than human and therefore not deserving of the same rights as the rest of us. I am encouraged to see the issue addressed by agnostics and athiests of conscience. The prayer vigils and conspicious civil disobedience in front of clinics has been counter-productive. Pro-lifers must realize that those we need to win over are the indifferent. They are indifferent to abortion, to religion, and to the agnostic and the athiest. We must concentrate, not upon our differences, but those things we all have in common; Our instinctive morality which is rooted in the fact that most humans throughout all time have lived and died without ever having taken another human life... which establishes that to do so is not our nature... and the fact that women throughout all time have given birth under less than ideal circumstances, simply because it was the right thing to do ... the natural thing to do. Well, I'm getting up on my soap box now. I guess anyone who wants to read all that can visit my website at www.HumanLifeAmendment.TheUS.com

Vespera - 07/17/99 11:01:28
My URL: http://i.am/prolife
Location (City, State, etc.): Los Angeles, California, United States
How did you find us?: I swallowed some expired Mentos (The Freshmaker), and then I heard Baby Jesus wailing the URL to this site.
Do you like our site?: Yes.
Will you visit again?: Yes.
Will you recommend site to others?: Yes.
Do you think we're evil?: Whose definition of "evil"?

I'd apply for membership, but I'm a Catholic with a twist of agnosticism, an agnostic with a twist of Catholicism. Purgatory on legs am I. Anyway, right on.

lise - 07/05/99 05:49:39

I'm really disappointed this hasn't been updated for a while. :( This site is unique and WONDERFUL. I have directed a couple of people to your site who said they sent in membership forms. I hope everything is okay.

Lucas - 06/14/99 15:08:46
My Email: XsanctifyX@aol.com
Location (City, State, etc.): Oregon
How did you find us?: A Link
Do you like our site?: It's alright
Will you visit again?: Maybe, depends if I have a reason
Will you recommend site to others?: Sure, why not
Do you think we're evil?: no

Ah, at last, a site with some sense to it. Just a thought, but vegans for life, PLAGAL, and Athiests for life can break the stereotype of the bible and gun toting "crazy" pro-life that the media and the death corporations want to tag us pro-lifers with to keep us to afraid to speak out. Everytime I speak against it (abortion) I'm called an "oppressor of womens rights", while guys that degrade women as sex objects and literally force their partners to get abortions because they want to skip out on the responsibility are "sensetive" and "understanding".
I say smash the death mills, stop the holocaust, stop the exploitation of my pregnant sisters for profit. Often an argument in support of abortion doctors is "Well they want to help women"...how is charging a scared, confused and often poor girl 300$ helping her? How is telling her the baby is a ball of cells and LYING to her helping her?
Abortion isn't about women's rights, it's about profit for men. And the govt. gave women the "right to abort" to shut them up. They don't care about rights, just power and profit.
And another thing, how often do you see "NOW" fighting for battered womens shelters? How oftemn do you see them speak against rape or spousal abuse? No, it's always this glass ceiling shiznyt (Do they money will make them equal/I think all big business should be destroyed) and abortion.
Oh, and this sexual revolution stuff, Guess who that was started by to keep the people busy with getting laid instead of fighting the powers that be? Ever notice that "revolutionaries" care more about "sexual freedoms" than the right of animals, the unborn, racial equality, gender equality, feeding people, equal distribution of wealth, stopping war, etc? It's just like when the FBI pushed drugs into the "hippie" scene way back when, to keep the kids of revolution and on drugs.

Bill Jager - 06/13/99 13:51:12
My URL: http://www.alaska-images.com/
My Email: wjager@mindspring.com
How did you find us?: web ring
Do you think we're evil?: No

I just wanted to see what your side has to offer.

Rick - 06/11/99 23:17:53
My Email: RSW58@aol.com
Location (City, State, etc.): Harrisburg PA
How did you find us?: By accident
Do you like our site?: Yes
Will you visit again?: maybe
Will you recommend site to others?: Sure.
Do you think we're evil?: No. Why would you even ask that?

I am a progressive Christian who is very troubled by abortion. On the one hand I hate the idea of the Government forcing women to have children that they don't want. But on the other hand I have seen pictures of aborted babies and I shudder. It sickened me. I was not looking at a piece of tissue; I was looking at a developed human being. I think that this country needs to have a common sense dialogue regarding what to do about abortion. I think both sides would agree that it should not be done in a cavalier manner. I think that abortions should be restricted but not outlawed. I do agree with a lot of your other guests that this is a human rights issue--not just a religious one.

Friends of Science - 06/10/99 16:45:34
My URL:http://www.friendsofpast.org/news-990603.html
Location (City, State, etc.): Kennewick, WA
How did you find us?: searching atheist sites

Keep the state separate from all religions.

ric - 05/28/99 09:49:36
My URL: http://www.dadacasa.com/xreprisalx
My Email: xreprisalx@tiscalinet.it
Location (City, State, etc.): italy
How did you find us?: surruonded rec links page
Do you like our site?: i got to check it out completely yet
Will you visit again?: i'll linik it up to mine!!!
Will you recommend site to others?: for sure
Do you think we're evil?: i don't believe in those christians craps!!

i don't believe in god , in soul , in jesus, in the devil, i only believe in mother earth. i think it's THAT THIS the raddest pro-life site cuz ther's no bull**** like " we're all god's creature, bleh blah blah" F*** THAT!!! PRO- LIFERS WHO BELIEVE IN GOD AND HIS CHURCH MAKE ME LAUGH!!! come here to italy , check what those holy bastards are doin' , read "osservatore romano" the vatican's news paper, they wrote that animalism is fanatism, they give their benediction to vivisection, this is your respect for life? hipocrisy , that's why i call it. they kill, and earn money , but they say to respect life...how can they do this? how can so many people believe in this lie. RESPECT ALL INNOCENT LIFE IN EVERY FORM. f*** bigotry

Webmaster's Response:
Expletives modified by webmaster for the purpose of maintaining the decorum of this guestbook. Having been a sergeant in the U.S. Army, profanity "ain't nuthin' but a thang" to me personally, but many of AAPL's guests, lacking the benefit of active military service, probably find such language deeply offensive. If anyone has a problem with my "censorship," please remember that I alone am responsible for this web site, so it's "My guestbook, my rules."
--Matt Wallace, Founder/Webmaster

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