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Atheist and Agnostic Pro-Life League's
Trophy Case: Unrated Awards

This page was last modified on 1 April 2005.

The "Pointless Communications Bottom 95% of All Web Sites Award"

Pointless Communications Bottom 95% of All Web Sites Award Description: "Pointless Communications Corp. is a company that arbitrarily rates sites on the World Wide Web according to our own tastes. Fortunately we have undiscriminating tastes, since our corporate mission is to see that every site on the World Wide Web, no matter how poorly constructed and how devoid of worthwhile content, is recognized, and to encourage all authors, regardless of talent, to keep on writing and filling up the bandwidth." Sites "automatically qualify" if they "haven't been selected by that other outfit as being worthy of their designating your site among the top five percent of all web sites."

Citation: "This site has been rated among the bottom 95% of all Web sites by Pointless Communications ®."

Awarded: 1 April 2005

The "Not Boring Site Award"

Not Boring Site Award Description: The Not Boring Site Award is for webmasters who "have a web page and have spent/spend a good amount of time and effort working on it."

Citation: "The webmaster of [this site] has worked very hard on his/her page and that is the reason he/she has recieved ... [the] Not Boring Site Award. We at notboring.com applaud the excellent work that the webmasters out there are doing and recognize the time and effort that is put into their pages, and have awarded them with the prestigious ... Not Boring Site Award."

Awarded: 12 March 2005

The "2003-2004 Golden Web Award"

2003-2004 Golden Web Award Description: The Golden Web Award is presented by the International Association of Web Masters and Designers "to those sites whose web design, originality and content have achieved levels of excellence deserving of recognition."

Citation: "Congratulations! Atheist and Agnostic Pro-life League has been reviewed and chosen to bear the 2003-2004 Golden Web Award."

Awarded: 20 August 2003

The Majon's Web Select Awards: "Web Select Award" and "Seal of Excellence Award"

Majon's Web Select Award

Pixel Spacer

Majon's Seal of Excellence Award
Description: Majon International, an Internet marketing services company, offers two awards as "a recognition service to further develop and encourage creativity, quality design and usefulness in purpose for Web site owners and creators" who produce "web sites which exhibit intuition, graceful design, usefulness in information and/or reliable business services."

The "Web Select Award" is Majon's "most prestigious award" and is awarded to "outstanding web sites that rise above the rest in content, design and usability."

The "Seal of Excellence Award" is given to any web site which "is well worth visiting and is considered to be outstanding in its presentation."

Citation: "Recently we enjoyed a very pleasant visit to your web site! It is with great pride that we announce that your web site is a WINNER of our esteemed Majon Web Select Award"

Awarded: 17 August 2003

The "Netstore TOP 100% Award"

Netstore TOP 100% Award Description: "Got no friends? Got no fun? Does your web site look boring? But not any longer! Vote for your web site and get the most wanted »TOP 100% Award« from Netstore! With this award you show to the whole world how popular your kewl site is. Netstore is proud to sponsor the first Top 100% Award to recognize the amazing creative work of the WWW pioneers."

Citation: "Congratulations! www.GodlessProlifers.org has just been awarded as one of the TOP 100% of all web sites! Your registration no. is 1589. You earn the right to wear the TOP 100% badge on your homepage."

Awarded: 17 August 2003

The "Canada Graphics Gold Award"

Canada Graphics Gold Award Description: Canada Graphics, a Toronto, Ontario, Canada web design and internet services firm, recognizes "web designers, web developers, web masters and web programmers" for the purpose of "raising the standard of excellence for the web design industry and to get web designers, developers... closer to each other for new ideas, updates, technology, and to encourage better web design." Sites are evaluated on content, design, graphics, navigation, load time, and browser compatibility.

Citation: "Your web-site has been reviewed. Your site qualifies for Canada Graphics (excellence of design) Gold Award 2003. Congratulations on a job well done."

Awarded: 17 August 2003

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