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Atheist and Agnostic Pro-Life League's
Trophy Case: Award Sites! Rating 3.5

This page was last modified on 30 May 2002.

Please note: Award Sites! is an online organization which sets standards for website award programs so that interested parties can know the relative quality of the award based on strict criteria and rules.

The "Texas Precancel Club Award of Excellence"

Texas Precancel Club Award of Excellence: Merit Description: "The Texas Precancel Club Award Of Excellence recognizes dissemination of content that is viewable with a high degree of browser compatibility on minimal computer systems." A winning site will "do what it is supposed to do and bring something to the widest possible audience easily" and do so at a level of "general excellence." Sites are evaluated on design, navigation, and content.

Citation: "I am pleased to present my merit award. ... This site is fairly plain and non-sensational if you ignore the text, which can be sensational. Navigation: One must go back home from subpages to go anywhere else. Score: Design: 25/30, Navigation: 15/30, Content: 32/40 = 72%."

Awarded: 29 May 2002

The "Glass Flower Award"

Glass Flower Award: Bronze Description: Mary and Leo Schultz of Rising Moon Designs "believe that web designers should be noticed and recognized for their work" and do so with the Glass Flower Award. Sites are evaluated on load time, design, navigation, browser compatibility, content, and organization.

Citation: "Congrats!! We are pleased to present you with our Bronze Glass Flower Award AS! rated 3.5! Thank you for inviting us to look through your site. We were so happy to finally see a site like yours on the web. Too often people have the idea that if you're not of a religious order that you approve of such atrocities as abortion. Thank you for helping dispel those ideas! ... Again, thank you for making the web a nice place to play."

Awarded: 29 May 2002

The "Ruby Red Heart Award Of Excellence"

Ruby Red Heart Award Of Excellence Description: The Ruby Red Heart Awards, presented by Morning Mist, "acknowledge 'the Finer' Websites through out the WWW... giving recognition to those sites which shine above the rest." Sites are evaluated on creativity, content, coding, navigation, and design.

Citation: "I truly enjoyed my visit to your lovely page, please accept my Ruby Red Heart Award Of Excellence for your site."

Awarded: 19 April 2002

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