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Atheist and Agnostic Pro-Life League's
Trophy Case #1
(22 April 2001 - 20 August 2003)

This page was last modified on 12 March 2005.

The "2003-2004 Golden Web Award"

2003-2004 Golden Web Award Description: The Golden Web Award is presented by the International Association of Web Masters and Designers "to those sites whose web design, originality and content have achieved levels of excellence deserving of recognition."

Citation: "Congratulations! Atheist and Agnostic Pro-life League has been reviewed and chosen to bear the 2003-2004 Golden Web Award."

Awarded: 20 August 2003

The Majon's Web Select Awards: "Web Select Award" and "Seal of Excellence Award"

Majon's Web Select Award

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Majon's Seal of Excellence Award
Description: Majon International, an Internet marketing services company, offers two awards as "a recognition service to further develop and encourage creativity, quality design and usefulness in purpose for Web site owners and creators" who produce "web sites which exhibit intuition, graceful design, usefulness in information and/or reliable business services."

The "Web Select Award" is Majon's "most prestigious award" and is awarded to "outstanding web sites that rise above the rest in content, design and usability."

The "Seal of Excellence Award" is given to any web site which "is well worth visiting and is considered to be outstanding in its presentation."

Citation: "Recently we enjoyed a very pleasant visit to your web site! It is with great pride that we announce that your web site is a WINNER of our esteemed Majon Web Select Award"

Awarded: 17 August 2003

The "Netstore TOP 100% Award"

Netstore TOP 100% Award Description: "Got no friends? Got no fun? Does your web site look boring? But not any longer! Vote for your web site and get the most wanted »TOP 100% Award« from Netstore! With this award you show to the whole world how popular your kewl site is. Netstore is proud to sponsor the first Top 100% Award to recognize the amazing creative work of the WWW pioneers."

Citation: "Congratulations! www.GodlessProlifers.org has just been awarded as one of the TOP 100% of all web sites! Your registration no. is 1589. You earn the right to wear the TOP 100% badge on your homepage."

Awarded: 17 August 2003

The "Canada Graphics Gold Award"

Canada Graphics Gold Award Description: Canada Graphics, a Toronto, Ontario, Canada web design and internet services firm, recognizes "web designers, web developers, web masters and web programmers" for the purpose of "raising the standard of excellence for the web design industry and to get web designers, developers... closer to each other for new ideas, updates, technology, and to encourage better web design." Sites are evaluated on content, design, graphics, navigation, load time, and browser compatibility.

Citation: "Your web-site has been reviewed. Your site qualifies for Canada Graphics (excellence of design) Gold Award 2003. Congratulations on a job well done."

Awarded: 17 August 2003

The "Ever Eden Design Cool Site Award"

Ever Eden Design Cool Site Award Description: The Ever Eden Design Web Site Awards were "created to celebrate the hard work, long hours and creativity that go into many web sites." [Award Sites! Rating: 3.0]

Citation: "Hello and congratulations, Your site has been chosen to receive the Ever Eden Design Golden Apple Award."

Awarded: 29 June 2002

The "Happy Rabbit Award"

Happy Rabbit Award: Bronze Description: The Magic Hat, an online magic guide, presents the Happy Rabbit Award to recognize sites which are "the best of the best" and "have the courage to be different." Sites are evaluated on design, content, and functionality. [Award Sites! Rating: 2.5]

Citation: "Congratulations! You are a Winner of the Happy Rabbit Bronze Bunny Webdesign Award!"

Awarded: 19 June 2002

The "Genie Web Design Award"

Genie Web Design Award: Merit Description: Genie Web Design presents awards "[t]o recognize growth and development in the creation of personal web pages." Sites are evaluated on content, design, navigation, load time, and user friendliness. [Award Sites! Rating: 3.0]

Citation: "You have earned the Merit Site Award. (AS 3.0)"

Awarded: 18 June 2002

The "Texas Precancel Club Award of Excellence"

Texas Precancel Club Award of Excellence: Merit Description: "The Texas Precancel Club Award Of Excellence recognizes dissemination of content that is viewable with a high degree of browser compatibility on minimal computer systems." A winning site will "do what it is supposed to do and bring something to the widest possible audience easily" and do so at a level of "general excellence." Sites are evaluated on design, navigation, and content. [Award Sites! Rating: 3.5]

Citation: "I am pleased to present my merit award. ... This site is fairly plain and non-sensational if you ignore the text, which can be sensational. Navigation: One must go back home from subpages to go anywhere else. Score: Design: 25/30, Navigation: 15/30, Content: 32/40 = 72%."

Awarded: 29 May 2002

The "Glass Flower Award"

Glass Flower Award: Bronze Description: Mary and Leo Schultz of Rising Moon Designs "believe that web designers should be noticed and recognized for their work" and do so with the Glass Flower Award. Sites are evaluated on load time, design, navigation, browser compatibility, content, and organization. [Award Sites! Rating: 3.5]

Citation: "Congrats!! We are pleased to present you with our Bronze Glass Flower Award AS! rated 3.5! Thank you for inviting us to look through your site. We were so happy to finally see a site like yours on the web. Too often people have the idea that if you're not of a religious order that you approve of such atrocities as abortion. Thank you for helping dispel those ideas! ... Again, thank you for making the web a nice place to play."

Awarded: 29 May 2002

The "KoolKat Award"

KoolKat Award: Gold Description: The KoolKat Site Awards "recognize amateur webmasters for hard work & dedication it takes to create a great website." [Award Sites! Rating: 2.0]

Citation: "We have had a difficult time evaluating your site under our criteria of 'objectionable material'; we have had several discussions, and based upon the extremely hard work and effort you have put into this site, your site will be awarded with the 'KoolKat' Gold Award! You have taken the time to put forth the effort of your beliefs and have done a great job at it. ... We wish you luck in all your efforts!"

Awarded: 9 May 2002

The "Top Dogz Web Designer Award"

Top Dogz Web Designer Award Description: NetDogz, a Connecticut-based web design and development company, recognizes custom designed, search engine friendly, cross browser compatibile sites which possess optimized graphics and suitable content. [Award Sites! Rating: 1.0]

Citation: "Congratulations! You have won the Top Dogz Web Designer's Award."

Awarded: 8 May 2002

The "AC Bouquet Award of Excellence"

Award of Excellence Description: AC Bouquet presents awards to recognize those who work hard to create excellent family-friendly sites. Sites are evaluated on navigation, graphics, contact information, and site appearance. [Award Sites! Rating: 2.5]

Citation: "I have thoroughly reviewed your site and have found it to qualify for our Award of Excellence. ... Congratulations!"

Awarded: 1 May 2002

The "Aloha Award"

Aloha Award Description: Hawaii City presents awards to "web sites that show excellence" and are "informative and unique." Sites are evaluated on ease of navigation, content, and design. [Award Sites! Rating: 3.0]

Citation: "All of us agreed that you truly do have an interesting web site with quality content and design. The Aloha Award is not an easy award to win. That is why this award is seen so infrequently. ... Proudly display the Aloha Award to let others know that your Web site is informative, unique and has won this prestigious award. Congratulations and Aloha."

Awarded: 22 April 2002

The "Joschi's Award of Excellence"

Joschi's Award of Excellence Description: "Joschi's Award of Excellence" is presented by Joschi, a little dog from Osnabrück, Germany with his own web site, and his human, Ulrich (Ulli) Leive, to recognize "other sites which stand above the rest." Sites are evaluated on content, design, navigation, coding, browser compatibility, load time, and overall appearance. [Award Sites! Rating: 3.0]

Citation: "Meanwhile we have visited your site, and we consider it to be really outstanding in content, presentation and design, and although we do NOT agree with the content of your site, it meets our criteria, and so we honor it with Joschi's *Award of Excellence*. Congratulations!"

Awarded: 20 April 2002

The "Webkin Award"

Webkin Award: Bronze Description: Webkin Online presents awards to sites that add something positive to the web. Sites are evaluated on easy navigation, eye appeal, compatibility with both MSIE and Netscape, and load time. [Award Sites! Rating: 2.5]

Citation: "Congratulations! You have won our BRONZE award! Well Done! Your web page was good in both design and content. Keep up the good work!"

Awarded: 19 April 2002

The "Ruby Red Heart Award Of Excellence"

Ruby Red Heart Award Of Excellence Description: The Ruby Red Heart Awards, presented by Morning Mist, "acknowledge 'the Finer' Websites through out the WWW... giving recognition to those sites which shine above the rest." Sites are evaluated on creativity, content, coding, navigation, and design. [Award Sites! Rating: 3.5]

Citation: "I truly enjoyed my visit to your lovely page, please accept my Ruby Red Heart Award Of Excellence for your site."

Awarded: 19 April 2002

The "Southern Nytes Award of Elegance"

Southern Nytes Award of Elegance Description: The "Southern Nytes Award of Elegance" is presented by Southern Nytes "to recognize homepage builders who have designed an elegant site on the web." Sites are evaluated on originality, design, graphics, layout, navigation, and attitude. [Award Sites! Rating: 3.0]

Citation: "Congratulations!!! Your site, Atheist and Agnostic Pro-Life League, has been chosen as a winner of the SOUTHERN NYTES AWARD OF ELEGANCE for April 2002. This award is not automatic. All pages that receive this award are viewed. I was impressed by your webpage and the hard work you put into your site. Thank you for applying for the award and sharing your site with me."

Awarded: 13 April 2002

The "Pacoima Ranch Vision Award"

Pacoima Ranch Vision Award Description: "The overarching criteria for the Vision Award," presented by Pacoima Ranch, "is 'breathtaking concepts that make you want to return.'" It "is a concept award" and "is not about graphics, coding, navigation, nor multimedia" but "is about knowledge, fun, horizon broadening, art and learning." Sites are evaluated on graphics, coding, and the evaluators' immediate desire to bookmark the site and make frequent return visits. [Award Sites! Rating: 3.0]

Citation: "Wonderful site-- the exact type we started the award for!!! Amazing content!!! Congratulations."

Awarded: 13 April 2002

The "Pegasus Best of the Best Award"

Pegasus Best of the Best Award Description: The "Pegasus Best of the Best Award" is presented by My Pegasus to recognize sites which: are "family-friendly," "pleasing to the eye," and "well organized and easy to navigate"; "provide quality information" and "present something original"; contain properly coded HTML, functioning and relevant graphics, and no broken links; and utilize correct spelling and proper grammar. Sites are evaluated on a 100-point scale: Content (30), Creativity (30), Navigation & Links (15), Uniqueness & Rarity (15), HTML Quality (10). [Award Sites! Rating: 3.0]

Citation: "Congratulations, you won the Best of the Best Award. This award is given to outstanding Web Pages and recognizes the hard work that was put into the development of your web site. Your score was as a 90 out of 100. A panel of two decided the final results. Thanks for helping make the Web a more interesting, fun and attractive place to visit. My compliments on a job well done!"

Awarded: 9 April 2002

The "ned's Yup...It's a Web Page Award"

ned's Award Description: "In order to qualify for this Prestigious Award," presented by ned lemn, a "site or home-page must meet the following Strict Criteria... 1. It MUST be a Web Page." [Award Sites! Rating: 1.0]

Citation: "CONGRATULATIONS! Your site has met ned's strict criteria and has won ned's Yup...It's a Web Page Award!"

Awarded: 22 April 2001

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